Discover Asia Pacific inbound and outbound investment flows, regional development opportunities and projects, and retail real estate trends through a world-class programme of conferences and events. 

Conferences are opportunities to enrich yourself on a wide range of topics covered by expert-speakers in their field:

  •  Market analysis and experts’ opinions in the field of development and investment, solutions to funding problems, and new opportunities
  •  Trends and opportunities to choose the best ways to develop a retail strategy and enhance the attractiveness of your network
  •  Attend expert-led conferences around the theme "Engaging the Future of the Asian markets".

Special events open to all participants also punctuate the summit:

  •  MIPIM Asia opening cocktail
  •  Investor`s Forum
  • Network with peers, engage with new contacts and discuss market issues in an informal yet very profitable environment.
  • MIPIM Asia Awards ceremony. Discover the most innovative and ambitious real estate projects in Asia Pacific.